Family Stories

Where do they go from here? (Brenda's recent trip to Haiti to see Luke)

Many of you have messaged or wondered what does this process actually look like going forward for the Tobey’s! Will this just be another round of disappointments and lost money for them? Or how is this time different….Brenda did this write up for us after her most recent visit with Luke! We hope this helps you understand the complexity, but also the hope that this time looks different for them! Read what Brenda has to say!

IMG_2801 2.jpg

“Mid October afforded me the opportunity to head to Haiti on another medical mission trip.  It was an exciting time for me, but also a time filled with great anxiety over seeing Luke.  It had been two years since my last trip.....the longest time frame that has lapsed in all of my trips to see him and I knew in my gut what that meant.  He wouldn't remember......

Sitting at the kitchen table upon our arrival, Luke told Momma Bonnie what I has suspected would be true, he didn't remember me….


Truth be told I wanted to break into a million pieces.  My heart was shattered.  It was one of those punch in the gut moments that makes you question all things in your life in one second.  I wanted to cry like a child, both because I was crushed and because I was overjoyed that he hadn't been wondering why I hadn't come back for him.

The good news was Luke wasn't feeling the pain of our adoption process the same way I was… and for this I was grateful. 

It has always been a huge blessing to me that Luke was so young during this adoption process that he had not idea what was going on (or rather NOT going on with our adoption,) Throughout the process it has been my goal to protect him from knowing that we are adopting him for fear of him being hurt by the time and troubles. 

Adopting from Haiti has been the most unreal and frustrating experiences that doesn't even make sense to most adults let alone trying to explain it to a child. 

Luke's health, happiness, and well being has always been my priority and he is blessed to have that covered in his current living situation so my job was to keep him safe from the heartache of his adoption.  He understands us to be his "sponsors."  Sponsors help cover the costs of the children at Cabaret Haiti Mission and often are even able to visit with the children they sponsor while on mission trips to the home so its not uncommon to have a relationship with your sponsored child.  Luke understands that our family loves him, prays for him, visits him, AND most importantly bring him special presents :)

He's no different than our children here in America...... an adult comes home with a suitcase and they want to know what we brought them right!?

Luke’s favorite superhero is Captain America….seems fitting:-)

Luke’s favorite superhero is Captain America….seems fitting:-)

This trip was filled with many blessed moments of serving my Haitian friends and providing medical care they would otherwise not have access to.  It was also filled with lots of great Luke moments that I cherish. 

In addition, I was able to connect with some new contacts that are helping with our adoption on the ground in Haiti and that is extremely important.  Most people in my position have had to move to Haiti for a period of time, usually a few months or so, in order to complete their adoption.  Literally being there in Haiti working on the adoption and being in the face of the people that make the decisions is like no person I could hire. It’s really the only way to complete an adoption in our unique situation.  So as we work diligently on paperwork, process, and relationships/connections we also work on a plan for one of us to relocate and be the force that wraps this up and brings our boy home.  The idea of that seems overwhelming, but we know ultimately God is in control and He has all the details already worked out, so we will just trust in His timing!

Right now we have the attention of the right people and we must move now to continue moving forward and gaining momentum!

I am so excited and so scared all at once but mostly I am confident Luke is our son and he is meant to be here as part of our tribe.  The gratitude I have for you all joining us in whatever capacity you are able to is the greatest blessing!!   WE are making this happen!  WE are bringing Luke home, together!   A million thanks still could not convey the gratitude we feel for for this LOVE SWARM that’s surrounding us during this week! “

Love, Brenda 



When we first started throwing around ideas of how we were going to raise the money to bring Luke home forever, the Tobey kids were excited to get in on the action! They came up with a great idea to have kids and families around the city or even country do their own Lemonade Stand for Luke! And even came up with a graphic that you can print and post on your stand!

We thought this was such a great idea and wanted to incorporate the Lemonade theme into the entire event! Besides who doesn’t love a good glass of lemonade and here in Florida it’s pretty much always a good time to drink Lemonade since it’s a million degrees outside all the time!

Lemonade for Luke graphic.jpg

So recently when Brenda went to see Luke she had a glass of lemonade with him and took this adorable photo together! We love how the Tobey’s are involving their kids in this project and they want to challenge you to be a part of the fun this Saturday, November 10th!

Come be a part of the fun HERE and don’t forget you can also buy a virtual glass of lemonade HERE!

Luke Lemonade.jpg

Do For One What You Wish You Could Do For All

Today we want to tell you a little bit about the little guy you are pouring into and loving on through this time! The little man the Tobey’s have fell in love with and can’t wait to be able to hold and hug him everyday!

Luke has been in the orphanage since the death of his mother in March of 2012.  His mom died when Luke was just a couple of weeks old and his father and his aunt brought him to the orphanage certain he was near death.  Brenda and the team arrived in the morning and as you heard on the video, met Luke for the first time and stepped right into the role of caretaker for him. She fell in love with this tiny baby and strongly felt this one was different from the rest! This one was meant to be in her arms for longer than just a week during her stay.

 Luke’s biological father knows where he is and has come to the orphanage a couple of times to see him, but is unable to care for him. He also has other children and even when offered the support to reunify with the family, desired to have Luke stay where he is.  He has come to meet The Tobey’s during their visits to see Luke and has expressed his happiness in their relationship with Luke.  He has verbalized to the authorities as well that he has a strong desire for Luke to be adopted by the Tobey Family.  

The name of the orphanage Luke currently lives in is Cabaret Haiti Mission, Inc. You can check them out here!    

Luke's parents at the orphanage are Mike and Bonnie Snider or Papa Mike and Momma Bonnie as they are called by all the children who live there. They have lived in Haiti at the Children's home since 2010 and are the loving parents to the 50 kids living there!! Luke is actually pretty spoiled:)  Since he's been there since he was several weeks old, he has made his way "upstairs" where the kids are only allowed on special occasions, he can often be found sharing a cup of coffee with Momma Bonnie in the am or even stealing a snuggle in bed.  When Brenda goes to visit Luke, she stays at the orphanage with them and Luke is her wake up call:-) He likes to come into where we stay and sneak into bed for cuddles. 

Mike and Bonnie have made the adoption process tolerable for The Tobey’s because they know he is loved and cared for so very well.  They do an incredible job of loving on all the kids!  

Luke's parents in haiti.jpg

Currently Luke is obsessed with Captain America.  He attends school and loves to play soccer like all kids at the orphanage.  He loves praise and worship and he likes to perform dances and singing on open Mic night every Saturday night in the commons area of the orphanage.  

Luke's Orphanage.jpg

Luke will turn 7 in January.  This is 7 birthdays, 7 Christmas’s, 7 of everything that we have missed sharing with him.  Many firsts of walking, talking, playing, days of school etc.  Though these firsts haven't been experienced here at home with his family at the orphanage, the Tobey’s have been able to share in much of the joy of these special events because of the contact with Mike and Bonnie and their regular visits.   


Thad and Loryn's story (which is Jacob and Peggy's story too!)

We love telling stories of these amazing families who step out of their comfort zone and head straight for the will of God to love and help children heal through adoption.  Today we present to you some people who are very near and dear to our heart who have done just that over and over again throughout their lives.  And they are doing it once again with a sibling group of 9!  Here is the story, straight from Loryn!  

"Several months ago, we were sent a picture of a sibling group of 8 with the a message attached....'Will you consider this?'  We were done adopting, because most of our children were grown and out of the house.  We were looking forward to a new phase of life....but after 4 or 5 similar messages about this group of siblings, we knew we HAD TO pray about this situation!  As we prayed, we felt very led that God was asking us to be open to this.  As Thad and I prayed and talked and talked and prayed, we knew 8 was just too challenging to be able to ensure everyone's needs were met.   As we sat in our living room and discussed this with our adult children, our son Jacob and our daughter-in-law Peggy spoke up and said 'We will take some of them!'  As they said this a peace settled over all of us.   We each knew we could do 4 children well, while allowing them to grow up in the same family together.   It was time to move forward!

Then there were 9!  Baby number 9 was born as we moved forward with the adoption process.  It was determined that Jacob and Peggy would take the youngest 4 children and Thad and I would take the 5 older children.

We began moving slowly and cautiously to ensure we were directly in the center of God's will, we were not wanting to hurry this process without that!  But then all the sudden things snowballed!  An emergency in the foster home the younger 4 were placed in necessitated that they needed to be moved immediately! 

Jacob and Peggy accepted the placement and overnight went from a family of just 2 to a family of 6!!!  When that happened we knew God was asking us to be the parents of the other 5 children.  

Our children have a target move in date of December 22nd, just in time for Christmas!  This also allows them to finish this semester in school before they move.   We have started visits with them already and are preparing as much as we can before then.  

We've heard so many people say 'You're crazy!  What are you thinking?  You were down to one child!'  and 'Don't you know you can't save the world!'  Our response is, there is no doubt we are crazy we have parented 15 children full time and fostered over 100 children through our years as foster parents.  But we choose to be crazy for the sake of the Gospel rather than living and empty and self-centered life.  We feel it boils down to this....If not us, then who?  

We received a card tonight from our 10-year old soon to be daughter, in it she wrote 'Thank you for letting us be in your home, you saved us from being separated!'  Isn't that what Jesus did for us?  So we move forward in hope and confidence that adoption is God's story and His story is playing out in our family's life through the additions of 9 beautiful children!"


Welcome The Smith family X 2 to the Promise Love Family!

Please help us welcome 2 amazing families today to the Promise Love Family!  Thad and Loryn Smith and Jacob and Peggy Smith!  These 2 families are actually part of one larger family that has decided to adopt 9 beautiful siblings between them both!  Yes, you heard that correctly....NINE CHILDREN!!!  Because of these 2 families and their willingness to answer God's call, these siblings who have been in separate homes in foster care, are now going to be able to come together so they will no longer have to be separated!  

We can assure you, this is a story you DO NOT want to miss!!  Stay Tuned...the story will be right here, live tomorrow.  

In the meantime, here's what they need!  Both families are driving smaller vehicles and are unable to transport all the kids together.  

They both have an immediate and critical need for larger vehicles!  So we are looking to raise $40,000 for 2 new or gently used Honda Odyssey's or Toyota Sienna's so these families can accommodate their new and much bigger families.  You can donate here or please reach out to us at if you have connections for these vehicles to be donated. 

Please come alongside us to help these families have a family vehicle that can fit everyone!  Stop by tomorrow for the full story! 


Update and Another BIG suprise for the Long Family!!

      You may remember our Valentine's Day surprise where Carrie and I went to Zack and Evelyn Long's with a BIG check for the remaining balance of their adoption of little miss Stella!  Stella has been doing amazing as a part of their family, and the Long's finalized her adoption just a few weeks ago!  Here's a photo of everyone there to see them officially become a family of 4.

     BUT.....that's not the end of their story!  Just a week or so after this finalization with Stella, they got a call out of the blue, asking if they would be willing to take Stella's 3 year old brother.  After much thought and prayer, they decided to accept placement of Carson just a couple of days ago. This means that Stella and her little brother will get to grow up together as a part of the Long family.  
     As you know, the cost of an adoption is not easy to come up with especially when it's unexpected, so we are asking for you all to walk alongside this amazing family and give as they have given their hearts to these beautiful kids so willingly! 
    They need $5000 to pay for this adoption that will not only keep these siblings together but also change their lives forever.  We are so honored to get to know this sweet forever family and are encouraged by all they are doing to help kids!  Let's get this done, come join us!  DONATE HERE!

Meet the Martinez Family

We are so excited to share with you our 2nd Promise Love Family for 2017!  Check out Gil and Mary Jo's family story below.  We are partnering with them to raise the $27,000 they need to make their adoption possible!  Click HERE to donated and help be a part of their adoption story! 

Ending 2016 on high note! Congrats to Team C!!

If we are being completely honest, 2016 has been a bit of a rough year for Promise Love and a few of the families we are privilege to walk alongside in their adoption journey. There are so many happy endings we are privileged to be a part of and share with all of you, but there are losses that come with stepping out in faith to bring kids into forever families.  Sometimes, decisions are made we don't understand, cases are dragged on longer than ever anticipated, and children are left waiting once again for their forever family.   We just haven't shared much with you this year, simply because its been tough.  Its hard to put into words the loss families feel when these things don't play out the way we were hoping.  But the reality is it happens. 

However, a new year is upon us and no matter what 2016 has thrown at us, we will not give up on the pursuit of helping families bring kids home!  And as I pray over Promise Love and our direction for 2017, the verse that comes front and center is from Isaiah 40:31!  It says, "But they who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint."    For 2017 our plans are to be renewed by His strength.  We will not grow weary or faint in doing what God has before us because our hope is in HIm! 

So in order to usher in the New Year on wings of Hope, we want to bring you the amazing story of The Calzada family!  This is a story of a family who in their waiting allowed God to renew their strength.  They did not grow weary of following the path God set before them!  This is one that's been in the works for a very long time, but the evidence of God's hand throughout this adoption journey has been so evident.  We have felt beyond blessed to watch these boys come home forever!

Although fundraising may seem like our main focus, its actually not what we do the most of.  Alot of time is spent connecting with families, helping families figure out which adoption path to take and advocating for kids.  Early on, the Calzada's had felt God was calling them to foster care/adoption.  While they were in the process of getting licensed, God was already preparing the right kids for their family.  Promise Love became connected with a family who was a relative caregiver to 2 brothers, Angel, 9 years old and Alonso, 4 years old.  This family was in a tough spot and knew they couldn't provide a forever home for them, but loved them dearly and desperately wanted to see these boys thrive in a forever family.  As the picture of the boys came through, God put on our heart The Calzada family.  Although they weren't completely licensed yet, the striking resemblance of these boys and their family was undeniable and we knew God was up to something.  After praying and talking together, The Calzada's agreed, God was definitely up to something!  

So they began the very long journey to bring these boys home!  I can't even imagine the tireless effort that was put in as they maneuvered all the twists and turns of the state.   But they never gave up on them and their love and acceptance of these boys is beyond measure.  I have seen it first hand and truly they are one of the most inspiring families you will ever meet! On October 18th, 2016 that journey finally ended at the courthouse with the adoption finalization!!  Angel, 12 years old now and Alonso, 7 years old are officially Calzada's, 2 years after their first visit!!  And all the glory goes to God for this amazing story and journey.  And how adorable is this family?!!  




Welcome The Swobodas to The Promise Love Family!!!

We are SO EXCITED to announce our newest Promise Love family!  Please give a big warm welcome to the Swoboda's!   All adoption stories are different and unique, Cody and Ashley Swoboda are adopting their 3 of their nieces.  You may be wondering, why would it cost to adopt family members?  All adoptions have a range of fees involved, which include court costs, attorney fees, birth certificates, etc etc.   

THE TOTAL goal We are partnering with them to raise which will give these 3 sisters a permanent forever home IS $15,000.
Help them reach their goal by Donating now

And without further ado, please read their story, straight from Cody and Ashley!  We'll be posting updates on their goal and story so be on the lookout! 

Cody and Ashley with their soon to be daughters!

Cody and Ashley with their soon to be daughters!

"We came to realize the full depth of our longing to adopt these three beautiful girls one night in November 2014.  Cody was standing in the kitchen making dinner (as is characteristic of our little duo since Ashley only knows how to properly make Ramen noodle soup), when all of a sudden he held his face in his hands and began to weep.  Through tears he said, "I just love them so much, Ash... and... I think God's calling me to be their father."  What Cody didn't know is that Ashley had been having a recurring dream for months on-end wherein the two of them welcomed these sweet girls into their forever family.  In that moment, it was clear that God had been uniquely and individually preparing our hearts and minds for something extraordinary.  He was calling us to truly consider adopting our nieces into our family to raise them as our very own daughters.

The road to doing so, however, was clearly laden with seemingly insurmountable obstacles and so we began the process of intentionally seeking the Lord in prayer.  Though we wanted desperately to share our hopes with the decision-makers involved in the girls' lives, time in prayer continually yielded a call to wait on His timing.  And so, we waited.  For months, we waited.  In the season that followed, our relationships with the girls deepened and we began to recognize a strong and indescribable connection with each of them.  And although these seemed like indicators that the Lord was moving and that we ought to be too, we again heard His distinct voice of wisdom urging us to wait on Him.

It wasn't until October 2015 that we finally were granted an open window of opportunity to share our hearts with one of the decision-makers.  And although the response was a resounding, "Thanks but no thanks," we knew that this conversation was the seed that God would use to take root and eventually bear fruit.  The very next day, something extraordinary happened.  Someone in our community of faith, with whom we had little to no interaction at the time, approached us and shared a vision God had given him about us... and friends, it was a vision of adoption.  "God is going to give you children whose childhood has been taken from them and you're going to teach them how to be kids again, you're going to teach them how to play, and you're going to model the love of Christ for them."  These words, these prophetic words, cut straight to the core of us, and we wept like babies.

These girls have experienced more heartache, more disappointment, and more pain than any seven, eight, and fourteen year old should ever know.  And no matter how hard their parents tried, they simply could not provide the kids with a safe and stable living environment.  As a result, they were removed from their home in May 2013.  Although we all waited in hopeful expectation for their mom and dad to complete their case plans, change their lifestyles, and bring their beautiful children home, after three years they have yet to do so.

Friends, there is no denying that God has so masterfully orchestrated the events of our lives in such a way that His redemption can be known intimately by us all.  And this divine union of familial love is so tangibly laced with the grace of God.  We could not be more grateful nor humbled to know that our lives might be granted the honor of speaking for the lives of these beautiful girls.  Will you join us in raising the needed funds for private adoption as we seek to finally give these girls what they desperately need: permanency and stability found in a unified and loving family?  May the Lord bless all that you set your hand to for the glory of His name. " - Cody and Ashley Swobod

Welcome Pucovsky's to the Promise Love Family!!!

There is no better way to celebrate National Adoption Day, then to announce our next Promise Love Family!   The Pucovsky's are truly one incredible family and we are so excited to be able to introduce you to them!!!  They are Paul (dad), Ivanka (mom), Oksana (5), Neveah (4) and Arabella (3) their newest addition Zaniya (14).

Photo Credit: Deanna Hurley Photography

Photo Credit: Deanna Hurley Photography

They currently have a small goal of $3500 to complete what they owe for the adoption of Zaniya which will be finalized THIS MONTH!!!  We need to get this amount raised in just a few short weeks, but with God all things are possible!  Help us get them there, DONATE NOW!! 

After 3 failed domestic infant adoptions, this family wasn't sure where God was leading them, but they knew their hearts were called to adoption and God had a waiting child for them. At a match event for Eckerd Community Alternatives earlier this year, Paul, Ivanka and there 3 beautiful biological daughters attended, they truly learned the need for adoptive placement for teens.  It was there that God sent a young 14 year old girl to follow them around all day.  They really connected with her and felt this may be the child God had for them.  They went home and prayed it over and decided to take a step of faith and start paperwork to bring Zaniya home forever!

She was placed in there home almost 3 months ago and is thriving and has even accepted Christ as her Savior, during this time!  While Paul and Ivanka recognize there is still a long road ahead of healing for their sweet girl, they said the love for her has come immediately.  She is a gift from God to them and during the time Zaniya has been with them, they have begun taking her and many other young teenage girls to church for youth group and mentoring them.   They are currently becoming licensed foster parents as well, so they can take pregnant foster teens in their home.  This family is truly living out what the church is called to do and we feel honored to help them in a small way on their journey! 

We can't wait to see what God has in store next for this family!!!  Welcome Pucovsky's!!!

Welcome Team Boyer to the Promise Love Family!

We are so excited to announce to you our newest family joining the Promise Love Foundation!  Meet Cricket and Josh Boyer and their adorable 4 year old little guy, Blaine.  You are going to love them just as much as we do;-) This family's story has captured our hearts, and attention.  Our goal is to help them raise $20,000 for their private, domestic, adoption of a little girl due in July.  Help make their dreams come true and DONATE NOW 
or by check to:
Promise Love Foundation 

PO Box 47432 
Tampa, FL 33646
**if donating by credit card there is a small processing fee

Not only are they in process to adopt, Cricket is also pregnant with her 2nd child due just one week after their adoptive child is!  She has had many complications so far in her pregnancy and between the medical expenses and the adoption expenses, they really need our help!  We are itching to tell you the whole story, but we are going to let you hear it straight from them!   Please take a few minutes and let your heart be captured by this incredible little family of 3, that soon will be growing by 4 more little feet!!!

Photo Credit - Melanie Porter

Photo Credit - Melanie Porter

"We are Josh and Cricket Boyer. We fell head over heels in love in high school in 2002 and were inseparable throughout college and ever since. Josh and I share the same passion for striving to be the earthly hands and feet of our Lord through our everyday lives at home, work, in the community, and in our church.

In 2007, after being married only a few short months, I started feeling incredible abdominal pain and underwent subsequent surgeries. We were told at that time that children might not be a possibility for us. We were crushed but knew that if the Lord put the strong desire in our hearts to become parents that He could make it happen. And He did! We were surprised to welcome our precious miracle baby boy, Blaine, into the world in May, 2011. We rejoiced at the Lord’s grace and mercy!

However, I endured some complications during delivery and postpartum. We were devastated to be told by four different infertility specialists that I would not be able to conceive a child again. We went through years of fertility treatments, procedures, emotional heartache, and prayer in attempt to defy the odds to expand our little family of three.

Josh and I have always shared the desire to make a difference in the world by opening up ourselves and our home to adoption. During our emotional infertility roller coaster, we felt the Lord really tugging at our hearts that this was the time to make our lifelong adoption dream a reality. We enrolled in the foster program, in hopes of eventually adopting. We spent a great deal of time and effort attending the classes, preparing to become foster parents. Then miracle #2 happened: we discovered we were pregnant! 

We were more overjoyed than words could express. We had prayed for so many years for a miracle. We even prayed for a baby by name: SAM (acronym for Shadrach, Abednego, and Meshach). In Daniel 1-3, the Lord worked a miracle in the lives of these three young Hebrew slave boys. When threatened with excruciating death in a fiery furnace for refusing to worship an idol, they replied that their god (Jehovah) was able to miraculously deliver them, but even if He chose not to, they still would place their faith in Him. This Bible story was laid heavy on our hearts while fighting the feelings of infertility defeat. To this day, we still call our unborn baby SAM to remind us of the love, faithfulness, and sovereign grace of our Lord in providing the divine miracle of life inside of me.

Shortly after discovering our second miracle pregnancy, we were presented with the beautiful opportunity to adopt an unborn baby girl. Our hearts swelled as we humbly accepted this perfect gift from God with tears streaming down our faces. The Lord orchestrated this most precious baby to arrive only a week before our due date with baby SAM: virtually twins!

But even while our hearts were overwhelmed with joy, my newly-pregnant body was quickly declining. I was diagnosed with a rare and serious complication of pregnancy at week 5, called Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). I was uncontrollably vomiting and losing so much weight that I was forced to cease my part-time work as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, Massage Therapist, and Homeschool Teacher to Blaine. I became very ill because of my inability to keep liquids or solids down and my body became too weak and dehydrated to independently perform basic self-care tasks. My organs began to fail from malnourishment.

I have since been through quite a lot to sustain this precious life inside of me. I received full-time home healthcare for several months, including 24/7 IV treatments and a medicine pump inserted into my abdomen in an attempt to reduce the vomiting. Unfortunately my dehydrated veins would not withstand the IV needles any longer and my condition became increasingly worse by the day. My HG was crippling. I was then hospitalized and underwent the high risk “last resort” procedure of receiving a PICC line. I was immediately put on Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) which provided full medication and nutrition intravenously, similar to what a coma patient receives.

After several weeks of TPN, I began to make small improvements. Sadly, it was short lived. A sudden decline, high fever, disorientation, and convulsions sent me into the intensive care unit for a week. I had gone into septic shock from an unknown virulent systemic infection. We were told baby SAM and I were fortunate to have survived the attack.

Josh has been picking up as many extra shifts in his work as a Law Enforcement Officer to try to compensate for my lost work wages, childcare costs (I have been too ill to care for toddler Blaine), and the many pregnancy-related medical expenses. He has worked himself to the bone and comes home to be Nurse, Husband, Daddy, Errand-runner, Chef, Landscaper Extraordinaire, Chore-Master, and Boo-Boo fixer. He is our family hero in all aspects of the word. 

We are truly humbled as we continue to seek God’s will while preparing our hearts, home, and finances to nurture and raise three children. We look forward to the day of finally holding our precious “twins,” Blaine meeting his two new siblings, and striving everyday to fulfill Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Although everyone may not feel the tug to adopt as the Boyer's do, anyone can be a part of this by giving towards their $20,000 goal!  We, at Promise Love, want to help them reduce the financial burden so they can focus on getting these babies home.   Thank you so much for being willing to open your hearts to them!  All funds raised go directly to the Boyer's adoption fees. Promise Love Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  All donations are tax deductible. 

Help make their dreams come true and DONATE NOW 
or by check to:
Promise Love Foundation

PO Box 47432 
Tampa, FL 33646
**if donating by credit card there is a small processing fee

Dan & Davina's Story

Today is National Adoption Day, which is a day to help raise awareness about the 100,000 + children in foster care that are ready and waiting for forever families.  It's literally the perfect day to share with you our next Promise Love family!!!  Dan and Davina are an amazing couple, and they found out this past Wednesday that they are officially matched with a sibling set of 3 kids.  A 3 year old boy, 2 year old girl, and 1 year old boy!  These brothers and sister are going to get to grow up together with a wonderful family.  If you've read any of our other posts you know how much we absolutely love adoption from the foster system and we are SO beyond excited for Dan and Davina to be their forever parents. I love this little announcement image Davina shared today on her Facebook page.

They agency they are working with is Finally Home Christian Adoption Services, which is a private agency, but also helps match families with foster children who are ready to be adopted.

Dan & Davina are working on raising $7,000 to bring these kids home and that's where we are here to help!!!!  
     With Thanksgiving just a few days away and Christmas coming up, why not give the gift of a forever home to 3 children?  

 What we do as a foundation is help families raise money, and all donations we pay directly to their adoption agency.  All donations, except credit card processing fees goes directly to Dan & Davina's adoption.  Here's their story, told by Davina:-) ....... 

 How did your adoption journey begin?

Dan and I began our decision to adopt with one purpose: Every child deserves a home where their needs can be met and they can be safe.

Tell us about you and Dan?


We met in 1996, while Dan was in the Marine Corps living in North Carolina, and I was a senior in High School in New Jersey. We married in 1999. The past 18 years together have been full of ups and downs, but through it all we relied on each other to make it and have a great history of working together. Since being a couple we remain best friends and only feel like we are at our best when we are together. We show care and compassion to each other, spending our time together filled with joy and love. We support each other in all endeavors, whether together or as individuals, but mostly we like spending time together with our close friends. We are a great balance as a couple. Dan is a Mr. Fix-it. He is level headed and really thinks though problems. I am excited to try new things and is always willing to help Mr. Fix-it. Mostly, we just enjoy each other’s company and really like to make jokes and laugh. We try not to be too serious all the time. We are a strong family unit that children can only enhance.

Why did you decide to adopt from the foster system?


God told us directly to care for the orphans. We believe that there is an added to joy to life when children are included and always have had a desire to have children. We did try for some time to conceive, but two years ago were told we could not have biological children. I always had an aspiration to adopt a child. Dan took a little longer to come to this decision, but quickly became filled with joy over our decision foster children. We became licensed foster parents in June 2013, and were quickly entrusted with a three day old baby girl. From the beginning, Dan and I knew she would be reunified with her biological parents, but we did not hesitate to treat her as our own. At 11 months old she went back to her family and we were left with an empty nest. I truly enjoy fostering children and mentoring families. This is probably something I will do for a long time. God has given her a heart for young families in trouble. But this comes with a downside. We still want to have children in our home that get to stay with us. We look forward to filling our life with the children that God has already chosen for us. We just need to be patient as we wait for Him to introduce us. At that point we knew that God had chosen us to adopt a sibling group from foster care; there are so many children who need a safe home and siblings need a chance to stay together. 

What do you want to share with these children who will become part of your family?

Looking back at our childhoods we are flooded with happy memories about the times we had with our families. 
     I always looked forward to Christmas morning when her mom, step-dad, two brothers, and sister would gather around to open presents. Mom would always make up names on the gifts so the kids could not peak before Christmas morning, yet she would always forget which child was assigned the different fake names. We would all laugh, as we would open one gift and then have to shuffle the presents to the correct child. 
     Dan’s memories of Christmas include his dad, mom, and two sisters. Each Christmas Eve Dad would light candles and turn on the tree lights as the family gathered around. Then Dad would always take out the Bible and read the Christmas Story. 
     All the holidays, vacations, summer breaks, and weekends were spent together as a family, having fun, and enjoying our time together. As we have become a larger family we have carried over some of these traditions, but look forward to creating even more with the inclusion of children.

What do you look forward to most becoming parents?

Celebrating World Adoption Day 11.9.14

Celebrating World Adoption Day 11.9.14

We look forward to opening our home to children that will be a safe environment where all children are loved and respected as individuals.  Their family history will become ours, and we will share the unconditional love that God has given to us with each child He brings to our home. Each child is a unique gift from God with special talents. We want to be able to delight in those talents and be a source of encouragement and education for our children. 

Jennifer and Ryan's Story

This is Ryan and Jennifer.  We have known them for 8 years, and we are so excited that they are now part of the Promise Love Family! Their story is truly amazing and you can be a part of it! They watched us walk through both our foster and adoption journeys, and it is so exciting that they are on a journey of their own! 

Ryan and Jennifer are both in ministry, and have been since 2001 when they got married and began working with students full-time.  Since then, their ministry journey has brought them to Florida where they continue to serve a growing church on the East Coast.  Ryan works as a Worship and Student Pastor while Jennifer uses her gifts in Christian Counseling to help trauma victims. 

photo 3.JPG

It wasn’t that long ago that a visit to the Promise Love Foundation helped them get ready for what God was about to do.  After several visits, lots of long talks, and much prayer, Ryan and Jennifer made a decision to say yes if God provided an opportunity for them to adopt.  Although it had been a long time in the making, the official decision to say yes to adoption was made on a Monday and the very next day God opened that very door!  A young mother was bravely choosing adoption and desired a loving family for her baby, and someone thought Ryan and Jennifer might be the perfect family for that baby.

The day they got the call that the birth mother had chosen them, Jennifer remembers reflecting on her prayer journal from exactly one-year prior.  Exactly a year before, the Lord had given her two very important passages of Scripture while on a trip to the mountains.  The first passage was from Psalms 20: 1-5 which said…

May the Lord answer you [and]…protect you.
May he send you help… and grant you support…
May he remember all your sacrifices and accept your burnt offerings.
May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.
May we shout for joy over your victory and lift up our banners in the name of our God. May the Lord grant all your requests.

And the second verse was Gen 18:10, which read “I will surely return to you about this time next year, and Sarah your wife will have a son.”

Through that verse, God gently spoke to Jennifer about their desire to have a family and in those verses He even provided a name for the son they were believing God to provide.  Jennifer couldn’t explain how, but she came home from the mountains in June 2013 telling Ryan that God had promised a son whose name would be Grant but they would have to wait a year for his arrival.  Imagine their shock and awe when their life-changing phone call came exactly one year to the date of that amazing journal entry

The confirmation came just a few weeks after that first phone call that the baby was indeed a boy!  Now Ryan and Jennifer are walking by faith, trusting God to provide all that they need to bring Baby Grant home from the hospital at the end of this year.  So, Promise Love Foundation is here to help.  We have created an adoption fund for Baby Grant and are now accepting tax-deductible donations.  Ryan and Jennifer recently shared with us that together they have 1,201 friends on Facebook. If each one of those friends gives $20 to Promise Love, then their whole adoption would be covered!  Let’s help Baby Grant find his forever family by all giving a little which will mean a lot! 

Here's how you can give!!!

Click DONATE on our site and put "Jen and Ryan" in the comment box.  You also can mail a check to the Promise Love Foundation: PO Box 47432 Tampa FL 33646.  Promise Love Foundation is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization and all gifts are tax-deductible.  If you itemize your donations seek advice from  your tax accountant.

Our First Promise Love Family - Lisa and Fred's Story

This is Lisa and Fred.  We got connected with them through Facebook when Carrie’s friend Karen saw the launch of the foundation.  She thought they might be a great family to help and we think so too!  They are an amazing couple that is matched with a sibling group of 3 children ages 4, 6, and 7.  Two girls and a boy.  They are adopting these kids from the foster system, which means the children’s biological parents’ rights have been terminated and the children are ready to find a forever home.  May is also national Foster Care month and so this is also very fitting:-)  We immediately fell in love with Lisa and Fred, their hearts, and their story.  It is VERY rare that people are open to siblings, especially 3 kids that are a little bit older.  They will get to grow up together as a family which is so awesome!

Adoption, especially of a sibling group isn’t for everyone, but, ANYONE can get involved and be a part of Lisa and Fred’s dream to become parents and give these kids an amazing family. 

Lisa and Fred's home is a 1390sq ft 1958 bungalow. They need some help turning into a more accommodating space for 3 growing youngsters!  What they are going to do is turn their 1.5 car garage into a master bedroom so that the 2 girls can share what was their room, and the boy can have his own room.  

They need to raise $5,000 for the renovation and that’s where we want to help!
There is a big 
DONATE button on our site or you also can mail a check to the Promise Love Foundation: PO Box 47432 Tampa FL 33646

It doesn’t matter if you have $1 or $1000 every little bit helps and 100% of the proceeds are going to this project.  It’s also a tax deductible donation for you! 

You can also meet Lisa and Fred at the No More Event THIS Sunday 5/18 at Baylife Church. They will be joining us as we support this awesome event!  We can’t wait to show you their finished space and their new family!!!!!

Here’s their story:

How did your story begin?

Our story began almost 20 years ago when we met, fell in love and decided to build a life together! We figured that once we built our foundation, we’d include children to our family and live happily ever after just like in all of the fairytales.  In life, all tales aren’t so grand and free of complications.  We weren’t able to successfully bear children of our own due to infertility issues, so we sought the alternative to adopt!

How did you and Fred grow up?

Coming from a large family, I’ve always been blessed to be surrounded by children, their laughter, their cries during accomplishments and triumphs and their infectious thirst to learn daily.  I get great satisfaction of being privileged to share those experiences with them. We have volunteered at Metropolitan Ministries, Paint Your Heart Out, HCSO, BBBS (Big Brother and Big Sisters), and Medical Reserve Corp within our own communities throughout the years. We both come from loving and stable families, our Parents have been married for over 40 years, although Fred’s are both deceased now and we understand commitment in healthy relationships. Through good communication, we always talk out our problems, come up with solutions and work past it.

Tell us about you and Fred?

I love watching Fred when he’s helping children with completing a task, showing them various sites at amusement parks, teaching them about history or just having a moment to discuss life with them.  He lights up as they recall how they saw or experienced something that he has shared with them and I always catch his eye when he is in the midst of having his heartstrings tugged by a child.

He often tells me that he knows that children like me because I’m very ‘motherly’ in my job of working with Mentally Ill Adults as well as with all of the children that we’ve been blessed to have in our lives.  However, I remind him of what a big ‘kid’ he is and loves to play!  Fred not only loves children, but he is affectionately nicknamed, ‘Ace Ventura’ due to his extreme love of animals.  If Fred could live in a big open land filled with children and animals, he’d be in his glory.

 I am completely a ‘City Girl’.  Fred grew up in New York and I grew up in Chicago.  He visited his Godparents and other family during summers in Puerto Rico. 

 We both have a very strong relationship with God and plan to introduce that to our children as well so that they’ll know, they’re never alone. We want to build strength in them so that they can turn those obstacles into positive experiences and allow it to help with their moral character and spiritual walk with God.

What do you want to share with these children who will become part of your family?

Though it’s been a real blast being ‘babysitters’, we long to have our own children to teach and show about how wonderful life can be, despite their previous obstacles and challenges.  Our hearts spill over with love that we can give to children that will thrive in a stable, loving and positive family!

What do you look forward to most becoming parents?

We look forward to tucking them in at night, reading bedtime stories, listening to how their day in school went, what field trips they want to go on, watching their eyes glow when we take them to Busch Gardens, taking the dog for a walk with them, shopping for Christmas gifts for them, eating dinner together, helping with homework, so many things and EVERYTHING!  We want to instill in our children a strong work ethic, and that they have the opportunity to do amazing things and make a difference in this world.

In 2 sentences why do you want to adopt?

I’d have to say, “I want our children to know what it’s liked to be loved in a healthy way and give them a chance to know that they DO MATTER!  Most foster care Children express that they feel ‘forgotten’, ‘unloved’ and other negative feelings that just aren’t true at all.

Why did you decide to adopt from the foster system?

We want to adopt children, specifically a Sibling Group since we’d like to give multiple children a chance to stay together, remain a family and grow in a loving, and nurturing environment. 

Want to be a part of making Lisa and Fred's dream come true and giving these kids a forever family?

DONATE on our site or you also can mail a check to the Promise Love Foundation: PO Box 47432 Tampa FL 33646.  All gifts are tax deductible and 100% of proceeds will go to this project!