1. What are the projects you are posting currently?

Since we are a very new foundation what we decided to do help one family at a time with the project they need to raise money for to make their adoption possible.  This could be related to both adoption from the foster care system or private adoption.  Examples are legal fees, agency fees, and any other specific type of project that has a set amount of money needed.  We feel this is a unique way to get started and help people work towards their goal!

2. How do you decide how much is necessary for each family?

Upon application, it is required to show a set amount of money that is needed to be raised.  That is the goal we will work towards hitting, and once we do hit that goal any additional funds will go to the next family we are helping.

3. What if I want to give to a specific family and they have already hit their goal?

Once the goal is achieved (which is always amazing:-) any additional funds will go to the next family that we are helping.  If there are additional expenses necessary for a current family after their goal is achieved, it is at the discretion of, and decided by the Promise Love Foundation board members if that will be approved or not.  Each family who we are helping has agreed 100% that if they have met their goal they are in full support of that additional money going to the next family.  We are all about "paying it forward" which means "responding to a person's kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else." 

4. Where can I get apply?

Applications are found on our website under APPLY

5. At what point in the adoption process may my application be submitted?

Prospective adoptive families must have satisfactorily completed a home study prior to submitting an application for financial assistance. Applications must be submitted prior to adoptive placement. You may apply if you:

  • Have a completed and approved home study.
  • Are working with a licensed, child-placing adoption agency.
  • Have not finalized your adoption
  • Have not previously applied with Promise Love Foundation for this current adoption.

6. What types of adoptions qualify for assistance?

We currently provide assistance for domestic private adoption and adoption through the foster care system. We are not able assist families unless at least one parent is a U.S. citizen. The adoption agency must be a U.S. licensed adoption agency.

7. Can we mail our documents in separately to Promise Love Foundation?

All supporting documents must be mailed or emailed in at one time in one packet. No items may be sent in separately.

8. When are we notified about our application?

Your application will be reviewed within 4 weeks of receiving all materials and you will be notified after review. 

9.  How do we receive the funds we are raising?

We track all funds raised per family and checks will be disbursed directly to your agency on your behalf. 

10. May we reapply if we applied previously and were accepted? 

You may apply one time per adoption.

11. Is it possible to apply with Promise Love Foundation if you have recieved a grant from another organization?

Yes, however, we will need documentation of any other grants you have received.

12. What is the responsibility of the individuals applying?

We consider our relationship with our Promise Love families to be a partnership.  This may include but is not limited to: writing a support letter to be sent to friends, family, and coworkers, applying for grants through employers, churches, and hosting an adoption fundraising party.

16. Are donations to the foundation tax deducible?

We are a 501c3 not for profit organization. If you itemize your donations please seek advice from your tax accountant.

17. How long can we raise funds?

We will promote via social media and give updates through your adoption finalization. After you finalize, people may still donate to your adoption.