April Fools Day

So most of you know today April 1st for being April fools day right?  I'm going to share with you how meaningful this date is for the Promise Love Foundation!  On 4.1.13, David and I got our very first call from placement having just become foster parents.  It was for a little boy named Justice.  David got the call and we talked and anxiously accepted!  A couple hours later, placement called us back and apologized that they had been mistaken and Justice would not need placement.  We were so disappointed, but we knew we were ready.  Then, on April 3rd, we got another call that said they had a little girl coming straight from the hospital, 2 days old that needed a home.  2 hours later they delivered her to our house and instantly we were foster parents!  My very good friend Andi Diamond did her newborn session, which is the first picture.  Since I'm a photographer as well, I did photos of her every month for the 6 months we had her and for her 7 month birthday in November, because that's the last time we got to see her.  

Today is her birthday, she's 1 year old, her name is Promise Love.  

Even though we don't get to see her, we pray for her often, that she will beat the odds, stay safe, and know that she is loved and grow up to be amazing and change the world.  I even pray that she will run this very foundation some day, it's named after her.  We know that God put her in our home for a reason, she stole our hearts and made us love like we never have before.  If He hadn't, Holly and I probably wouldn't have started this foundation.  For me, April 1st every year is Promise Love Day.   ~Carrie xoxo