Let the Fun Begin!

We are SO excited to share with you how we are going to start helping families adopt!!!  It's a little un-traditional, but that's how we roll:-) What we are going to do is start sharing a story about a specific family, so you can personally hear their about the journey that has led them to adopt and also how much they need to raise to make it happen.  After the adoption is final, we will share with you what their new forever family looks like so that YOU can see how you helped give children a home!  The awesome part is that not only will their friends and family be able to give, but anyone who wants to help.  AND all gifts are tax deductible through the foundation!

Tomorrow we are going to share with you the very first Promise Love family we are going to help and they are an AMAZING couple adopting a sibling group from the foster system.  Stay tuned!!!!!!!