Promise Love Bracelets!

Yesterday, my heart and home were very full!  Heaven, my sweet 8 year old daughter, decided after hearing Mr. Fred and Mrs. Lisa's story that she wanted to help them!  So we invited some of her bracelet making girlfriends over (with music and ice cream sundaes to keep them motivated) to make as many official Promise Love Foundation bracelets as possible to sell and raise money so these 3 beautiful kids can finally be home forever!  So proud of these girls and all there hard work.  It was a blast!  And I know they will sell like hot cakes!

Saul and I, for obvious reasons, have always stressed the importance of helping orphans find there forever homes in whatever way God calls us to help.  It's pretty amazing to watch how God works in their little hearts and minds to reach out to people on their own!  Going through the process of launching this foundation with us, my kids have truly taken on the prayers, excitement, love and commitment to helping families and kids find each other!  They have learned the ups and downs, ins and outs, hard times and amazing victories and miracles that come through adoption.  I am truly thankful to God for the journey He has placed us all on and what impact it is having on my own children.  

If you are interested in buying a bracelet they are going for $5, but well worth more with all the love that is put into them:-)  Just message us and we can mail them to you or stop by our booth at the No More Event this weekend, Sunday, May 18th @ 5pm at Bay Life Church and there will be a very cute 8 year old selling them!  

A BIG Thank you to all the girls who took time out of their day to come make this a huge success!  And thank you to the moms for bringing your girls and allowing them to be part of this awesome mission!