Update on Lisa and Fred!

We can't quite share all the details yet, but we had to post a little update on Lisa and Fred's story:-)  We we very honored and excited that the No More Foundation also partnered with us in a big way and allowed Lisa and Fred to share their story at the event on May 18th.  

People gave in a big way, and their construction project is currently under way!!!  Even more exciting for Lisa and Fred, the 3 children they are matched with are being placed with them permanently today!  Perfect timing that Fred will get to celebrate his first Father's day on Sunday!! When you adopt from the foster system there is a transition period with visits and overnights over a certain period of time which ends in the children permanently being with their forever family.  Here's just a little sneak of the construction under way. Lisa and Fred are so excited that it's finally happening and we can not wait to show you the finished project along with what their new family looks like!!!  All that will be coming soon!!  Plus, we have the next Promise Love family's story to share as well so stay tuned!!!  Thank you for all your support and awesomeness!!!!