The Official J Team

Tuesday 9.23.14 was adoption day for Lisa and Fred's 3 children!!!  It's the end of one chapter and only the beginning to many more.  I absolutely love photographing this amazing and emotional event. They had about 28 friends and family members there in the court room to celebrate with them.  Lisa even had her parents on Skype so they could virtually be there.  Some family members surprised them by coming in from out of town, teachers they had, and the foster family that the children lived with for 2 years was there for this occasion.  Once the judge made the final ruling, she had each child come to the stand and gave them a build a bear.  She explained that inside the box was an adoption certificate so each child could name their bear and officially adopt them.  What an awesome gift and way to explain it to them.  We are SO happy for team J!!!!