Today is World Adoption Day!

Today, November 9th 2014 is the first ever worldwide celebration of adoption!  Thousands of people showed their support by putting a smiley face on their hand and #worldadoptionday! Here's some of our friends showing their support!

A friend shared this statistic today and it is literally mind blowing:

"If only 7% of the world's 2.7 billion Christians cared for one orphan there would be no more orphans"

Adoption is way more complicated than a smiley face and has an enormous range of emotions, trauma, and every single situation is totally unique. November being adoption month, and World Adoption Day gets the conversation about this serious crisis out in the forefront and helps people start becoming part of the solution. 

Today is also the perfect day to show you the film of our daughter Maddie's adoption finalization hearing. It's personal, and emotional, but amazing, and something most people won't get to experience so it's worth watching. This is when the judge grants final motion of adoption and legally the child becomes part of your forever family.  A HUGE thank you to Bryan and Tracey from Lucky Lemon Films for capturing this for us so she'll be able to watch this someday. 

Madeline Joy - Adoption Day from Lucky Lemon Films on Vimeo.