Dan & Davina's Story

Today is National Adoption Day, which is a day to help raise awareness about the 100,000 + children in foster care that are ready and waiting for forever families.  It's literally the perfect day to share with you our next Promise Love family!!!  Dan and Davina are an amazing couple, and they found out this past Wednesday that they are officially matched with a sibling set of 3 kids.  A 3 year old boy, 2 year old girl, and 1 year old boy!  These brothers and sister are going to get to grow up together with a wonderful family.  If you've read any of our other posts you know how much we absolutely love adoption from the foster system and we are SO beyond excited for Dan and Davina to be their forever parents. I love this little announcement image Davina shared today on her Facebook page.

They agency they are working with is Finally Home Christian Adoption Services, which is a private agency, but also helps match families with foster children who are ready to be adopted.

Dan & Davina are working on raising $7,000 to bring these kids home and that's where we are here to help!!!!  
     With Thanksgiving just a few days away and Christmas coming up, why not give the gift of a forever home to 3 children?  

 What we do as a foundation is help families raise money, and all donations we pay directly to their adoption agency.  All donations, except credit card processing fees goes directly to Dan & Davina's adoption.  Here's their story, told by Davina:-) ....... 

 How did your adoption journey begin?

Dan and I began our decision to adopt with one purpose: Every child deserves a home where their needs can be met and they can be safe.

Tell us about you and Dan?


We met in 1996, while Dan was in the Marine Corps living in North Carolina, and I was a senior in High School in New Jersey. We married in 1999. The past 18 years together have been full of ups and downs, but through it all we relied on each other to make it and have a great history of working together. Since being a couple we remain best friends and only feel like we are at our best when we are together. We show care and compassion to each other, spending our time together filled with joy and love. We support each other in all endeavors, whether together or as individuals, but mostly we like spending time together with our close friends. We are a great balance as a couple. Dan is a Mr. Fix-it. He is level headed and really thinks though problems. I am excited to try new things and is always willing to help Mr. Fix-it. Mostly, we just enjoy each other’s company and really like to make jokes and laugh. We try not to be too serious all the time. We are a strong family unit that children can only enhance.

Why did you decide to adopt from the foster system?


God told us directly to care for the orphans. We believe that there is an added to joy to life when children are included and always have had a desire to have children. We did try for some time to conceive, but two years ago were told we could not have biological children. I always had an aspiration to adopt a child. Dan took a little longer to come to this decision, but quickly became filled with joy over our decision foster children. We became licensed foster parents in June 2013, and were quickly entrusted with a three day old baby girl. From the beginning, Dan and I knew she would be reunified with her biological parents, but we did not hesitate to treat her as our own. At 11 months old she went back to her family and we were left with an empty nest. I truly enjoy fostering children and mentoring families. This is probably something I will do for a long time. God has given her a heart for young families in trouble. But this comes with a downside. We still want to have children in our home that get to stay with us. We look forward to filling our life with the children that God has already chosen for us. We just need to be patient as we wait for Him to introduce us. At that point we knew that God had chosen us to adopt a sibling group from foster care; there are so many children who need a safe home and siblings need a chance to stay together. 

What do you want to share with these children who will become part of your family?

Looking back at our childhoods we are flooded with happy memories about the times we had with our families. 
     I always looked forward to Christmas morning when her mom, step-dad, two brothers, and sister would gather around to open presents. Mom would always make up names on the gifts so the kids could not peak before Christmas morning, yet she would always forget which child was assigned the different fake names. We would all laugh, as we would open one gift and then have to shuffle the presents to the correct child. 
     Dan’s memories of Christmas include his dad, mom, and two sisters. Each Christmas Eve Dad would light candles and turn on the tree lights as the family gathered around. Then Dad would always take out the Bible and read the Christmas Story. 
     All the holidays, vacations, summer breaks, and weekends were spent together as a family, having fun, and enjoying our time together. As we have become a larger family we have carried over some of these traditions, but look forward to creating even more with the inclusion of children.

What do you look forward to most becoming parents?

Celebrating World Adoption Day 11.9.14

Celebrating World Adoption Day 11.9.14

We look forward to opening our home to children that will be a safe environment where all children are loved and respected as individuals.  Their family history will become ours, and we will share the unconditional love that God has given to us with each child He brings to our home. Each child is a unique gift from God with special talents. We want to be able to delight in those talents and be a source of encouragement and education for our children.