The Boyer's are officially a Family of 5!!

Both Boyer babies are here and doing great!!!  This family of 3, jumped to a family of 5 in a span of just 2 weeks!  One beautiful little girl, Breeja Ruth was born (via Cricket and Josh's heart) on July 17th and Breydon Daniel (via Cricket's tummy) came just 13 days later!  That's 2 babies, just 13 days apart!   If you have been following their story, you know that Cricket and Josh have overcome many obstacles to bring these 2 precious miracles into their family!   If you haven't read their story, it's a must read!  Check it out here

We are so excited to announce that we are in the FINAL STRETCH of fundraising for this amazing family and need your help to bring these babies home forever before their BIG adoption finalization!

WE ONLY NEED A TOTAL OF $1699.00 and they have met their GOAL!!!  This is so exciting and a blessing from GOD!    

To help the Boyers, you can always donate here on our website or come out to our PDQ event in Wesley Chapel on October 29th from 5-9pm to meet them personally and support their family!  We will have raffles, free face painting for the kids and lots of yummy food and fun!  The best part is you can love on this sweet family and their beautiful babies in which you have had a part in bringing home!  Can't wait to see you there!

Here's what Cricket had to say about their experience and what God has blessed them with!

"We can't express how grateful we were to be there for Breeja's birth. I was even in the delivery room and shared the honor of cutting her umbilical cord. We were able to immediately bond with our gorgeous daughter and feel tremendously blessed to still be a part of her selfless and brave birth moms life.

We are doing really, really well now that we're all finally home as a family of 5 and are just so grateful that Lord has completed our family in this beautiful way. We couldn't be more proud of our sweet babies and we have more love for them than we ever thought possible. Big brother Blaine has really stepped into his role nicely and adores his tiny brother and sister. He is such a nice helper!

Physically, I'm having a slow recovery but my heart is overflowing with joy and it makes the physical difficulties a blur in comparison. We are definitely quite tired and not getting much, if any, sleep. But that's to be expected with two newborns begging for constant cuddles...which we can't get enough of by the way."