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As we approach the end of March and the end our fundraiser for the Briggs family (To donate to the Briggs family, go here), I am reminded of whats coming!

Easter is in just a few short weeks and it’s the time of year where we are reminded of God’s Redemptive Power!

How he takes a hopeless heart and fills them with joy! How he takes our broken pieces and makes us whole. That’s only something He can do! As you go into the celebration of the resurrection of our Savior, remembering what He did for us, be reminded as well how He has adopted you into His family through His only Son. We are all adopted and we are all redeemed!

Here’s the not final piece of the Brigg’s journey but the redemption story He has given them through a tiny little baby….just the same way He used a tiny little baby to redeem us all.

Here’s the story in Hannah’s own words.

“We have our little girl. God is so kind to give her to us.

Looking back, we clearly see why God had us walk down the path we did, to be scammed out of our adoption savings, to cry more tears than I have ever cried,and to go through more heartbreak than we have ever experienced. It was all for this little bundle.

We received a text from our adoption agency on Monday, November 26th, that a baby girl had been born and that she needed a family. We didn't have much information at all but felt a complete peace about the situation and decided to present to the birth mother right away. In a matter of hours, we were chosen to be her parents! Birth mom signed over her rights the very next day and the days that followed we prepared to travel to our baby.

OUR baby!It seemed so surreal! We were parents!!!

We were told Coco could be in the NICU for a few weeks because she was born 7 weeks early and only weighed 3 pounds, 10 ounces. Josh planned to stay the first week and then travel back to work and I would prepare to stay until Coco was discharged from the hospital, however long that would be. We traveled to her later that week and when we walked into that NICU unit, we were motioned to the little incubator that housed our baby. They removed the blanket covering the incubator and we looked on our beautiful Colette for the first time.

What a little beauty she was! Josh gave me a delighted exclamation, "She's so precious!" and I stuck my hand through the glass window to lay it over her tiny body and whisper, "Hi, baby girl. Mommy and Daddy are here."

The baby girl that we had been praying for all along was right in front of our eyes. Our prayers had not been wasted. The Colette that we had talked about and prayed for was this tiny beautiful little creature. God had taken those prayers that we had thought were going toward a particular child and had administered them to her. He had prepared us to be her parents all along. Before the foundation of the world, this child was meant to be in our arms, and our hearts forever. God miraculously protected our little one and she has amazed the doctors and nurses over and over again.

One of our beloved NICU nurses even told us that in the 30 years that she had been a nurse, she never saw a case quite like Colette's and the progress she had made. It is all a testament to God's protection and the answer to so many prayers by not only her parents but the countless people that have prayed for her since the beginning.

Our days in the NICU were such a blessed time as we bonded as a new family of three. We spent time reading and singing to, feeding, changing, bathing, cuddling, and studying every little feature of our baby girl. She is so beautiful and such a picture of God's grace and faithfulness to us. She is far more amazing than we could ever hope for and we can't wait to spend our days treasuring her and showing her the love of Jesus.

This past year has been one of the hardest of our lives but also the most rewarding. It has been so amazing to witness God's faithfulness to us first hand and to have a daily reminder before us that He is sovereign and He is good.

We want to thank every single person who has prayed for us, sacrificed financially to bless our little family, and have encouraged our hearts along this adoption journey. We have had family and friends spend countless hours helping us raise money, given sacrificially, and have come along side us when we wanted to give up. You guys will always have a special place in our hearts and your gestures have meant more to us than you will ever know.”

Josh, Hannah and Colette Briggs

Where do they go from here? (Brenda's recent trip to Haiti to see Luke)

Many of you have messaged or wondered what does this process actually look like going forward for the Tobey’s! Will this just be another round of disappointments and lost money for them? Or how is this time different….Brenda did this write up for us after her most recent visit with Luke! We hope this helps you understand the complexity, but also the hope that this time looks different for them! Read what Brenda has to say!

IMG_2801 2.jpg

“Mid October afforded me the opportunity to head to Haiti on another medical mission trip.  It was an exciting time for me, but also a time filled with great anxiety over seeing Luke.  It had been two years since my last trip.....the longest time frame that has lapsed in all of my trips to see him and I knew in my gut what that meant.  He wouldn't remember......

Sitting at the kitchen table upon our arrival, Luke told Momma Bonnie what I has suspected would be true, he didn't remember me….


Truth be told I wanted to break into a million pieces.  My heart was shattered.  It was one of those punch in the gut moments that makes you question all things in your life in one second.  I wanted to cry like a child, both because I was crushed and because I was overjoyed that he hadn't been wondering why I hadn't come back for him.

The good news was Luke wasn't feeling the pain of our adoption process the same way I was… and for this I was grateful. 

It has always been a huge blessing to me that Luke was so young during this adoption process that he had not idea what was going on (or rather NOT going on with our adoption,) Throughout the process it has been my goal to protect him from knowing that we are adopting him for fear of him being hurt by the time and troubles. 

Adopting from Haiti has been the most unreal and frustrating experiences that doesn't even make sense to most adults let alone trying to explain it to a child. 

Luke's health, happiness, and well being has always been my priority and he is blessed to have that covered in his current living situation so my job was to keep him safe from the heartache of his adoption.  He understands us to be his "sponsors."  Sponsors help cover the costs of the children at Cabaret Haiti Mission and often are even able to visit with the children they sponsor while on mission trips to the home so its not uncommon to have a relationship with your sponsored child.  Luke understands that our family loves him, prays for him, visits him, AND most importantly bring him special presents :)

He's no different than our children here in America...... an adult comes home with a suitcase and they want to know what we brought them right!?

Luke’s favorite superhero is Captain America….seems fitting:-)

Luke’s favorite superhero is Captain America….seems fitting:-)

This trip was filled with many blessed moments of serving my Haitian friends and providing medical care they would otherwise not have access to.  It was also filled with lots of great Luke moments that I cherish. 

In addition, I was able to connect with some new contacts that are helping with our adoption on the ground in Haiti and that is extremely important.  Most people in my position have had to move to Haiti for a period of time, usually a few months or so, in order to complete their adoption.  Literally being there in Haiti working on the adoption and being in the face of the people that make the decisions is like no person I could hire. It’s really the only way to complete an adoption in our unique situation.  So as we work diligently on paperwork, process, and relationships/connections we also work on a plan for one of us to relocate and be the force that wraps this up and brings our boy home.  The idea of that seems overwhelming, but we know ultimately God is in control and He has all the details already worked out, so we will just trust in His timing!

Right now we have the attention of the right people and we must move now to continue moving forward and gaining momentum!

I am so excited and so scared all at once but mostly I am confident Luke is our son and he is meant to be here as part of our tribe.  The gratitude I have for you all joining us in whatever capacity you are able to is the greatest blessing!!   WE are making this happen!  WE are bringing Luke home, together!   A million thanks still could not convey the gratitude we feel for for this LOVE SWARM that’s surrounding us during this week! “

Love, Brenda 


Do For One What You Wish You Could Do For All

Today we want to tell you a little bit about the little guy you are pouring into and loving on through this time! The little man the Tobey’s have fell in love with and can’t wait to be able to hold and hug him everyday!

Luke has been in the orphanage since the death of his mother in March of 2012.  His mom died when Luke was just a couple of weeks old and his father and his aunt brought him to the orphanage certain he was near death.  Brenda and the team arrived in the morning and as you heard on the video, met Luke for the first time and stepped right into the role of caretaker for him. She fell in love with this tiny baby and strongly felt this one was different from the rest! This one was meant to be in her arms for longer than just a week during her stay.

 Luke’s biological father knows where he is and has come to the orphanage a couple of times to see him, but is unable to care for him. He also has other children and even when offered the support to reunify with the family, desired to have Luke stay where he is.  He has come to meet The Tobey’s during their visits to see Luke and has expressed his happiness in their relationship with Luke.  He has verbalized to the authorities as well that he has a strong desire for Luke to be adopted by the Tobey Family.  

The name of the orphanage Luke currently lives in is Cabaret Haiti Mission, Inc. You can check them out here!    

Luke's parents at the orphanage are Mike and Bonnie Snider or Papa Mike and Momma Bonnie as they are called by all the children who live there. They have lived in Haiti at the Children's home since 2010 and are the loving parents to the 50 kids living there!! Luke is actually pretty spoiled:)  Since he's been there since he was several weeks old, he has made his way "upstairs" where the kids are only allowed on special occasions, he can often be found sharing a cup of coffee with Momma Bonnie in the am or even stealing a snuggle in bed.  When Brenda goes to visit Luke, she stays at the orphanage with them and Luke is her wake up call:-) He likes to come into where we stay and sneak into bed for cuddles. 

Mike and Bonnie have made the adoption process tolerable for The Tobey’s because they know he is loved and cared for so very well.  They do an incredible job of loving on all the kids!  

Luke's parents in haiti.jpg

Currently Luke is obsessed with Captain America.  He attends school and loves to play soccer like all kids at the orphanage.  He loves praise and worship and he likes to perform dances and singing on open Mic night every Saturday night in the commons area of the orphanage.  

Luke's Orphanage.jpg

Luke will turn 7 in January.  This is 7 birthdays, 7 Christmas’s, 7 of everything that we have missed sharing with him.  Many firsts of walking, talking, playing, days of school etc.  Though these firsts haven't been experienced here at home with his family at the orphanage, the Tobey’s have been able to share in much of the joy of these special events because of the contact with Mike and Bonnie and their regular visits.   


Welcome The Tobey Family to the Promise Love Foundation!!!


Please say a HUGE "Welcome" to our newest Promise Love Family....The Tobey Family!!!!  We just love this family and their unique story and heart for foster care and adoption and we know you are going to love them as much as we do!

What is very exciting for Us is The Tobey's are OUR VERY FIRST family to be in the process of adopting INTERNATIONALLY from Haiti!

We are super excited to walk alongside them at a time where they have felt like the journey has been a long, tiring one!  They have been working hard to bring their son, Luke, home for the past 6 years!!!

Will you please join their journey and help bring Luke home!  Watch their story and donate here!!

PLF Family Update on the Boyers!

In October of 2015, Josh and Cricket Boyer partnered with us and opened their hearts to a new addition to their family: a sweet newborn girl named Breeja. Since then, Breeja has grown into a rambunctious, lovely little lady who loves bouncing around with her brothers and cuddling with her parents. Blaine and Braden adore their sweet sister, and Breeja loves her home with her loving parents and siblings to play with!

The Boyer family made us this adorable video in order to encourage everyone to give to families, like the Boyers, by supporting the Promise Love Foundation on Give Day Tampa Bay, an occasion in which over five hundred nonprofits will join together for a 24 hour online giving challenge on May 1st. If you enjoyed hearing about the Boyer family’s story and wish to contribute to families like them, make sure you mark your calendar for Give Day Tampa Bay on May 1st!

Long Family Official Party of 5 Update!

Today was the day! Adoption day for Evelyn & Zach's 3rd adopted child, 3 year old Carson!  So we wanted you to give you a little fundraising update!

So far we have raised $1171 of the $5000 goal that they need to complete this adoption!

That's $3829 that we are hoping to raise in the next few weeks.  You can help this family by donating here

I can't tell you enough how amazing this family is. Please partner with us to bless them by completing their fundraising goal.  God has put them in our path and on our hearts to help as they so selflessly help children who need a forever family!   Thank you so much for all of you who have walked along side them and donated already. 

Update and Another BIG suprise for the Long Family!!

      You may remember our Valentine's Day surprise where Carrie and I went to Zack and Evelyn Long's with a BIG check for the remaining balance of their adoption of little miss Stella!  Stella has been doing amazing as a part of their family, and the Long's finalized her adoption just a few weeks ago!  Here's a photo of everyone there to see them officially become a family of 4.

     BUT.....that's not the end of their story!  Just a week or so after this finalization with Stella, they got a call out of the blue, asking if they would be willing to take Stella's 3 year old brother.  After much thought and prayer, they decided to accept placement of Carson just a couple of days ago. This means that Stella and her little brother will get to grow up together as a part of the Long family.  
     As you know, the cost of an adoption is not easy to come up with especially when it's unexpected, so we are asking for you all to walk alongside this amazing family and give as they have given their hearts to these beautiful kids so willingly! 
    They need $5000 to pay for this adoption that will not only keep these siblings together but also change their lives forever.  We are so honored to get to know this sweet forever family and are encouraged by all they are doing to help kids!  Let's get this done, come join us!  DONATE HERE!

Come Celebrate the First Official Promise Love Day on 7/22/16!!

Hi Everyone!

We couldn't be more excited for our FIRST EVER OFFICIAL PROMISE LOVE DAY on 7/22/16 and we want ALL of you to come celebrate with us!

Go HERE to purchase Promise Love adult t-shirts and Here for kids tees.  On 7/22 we would love if you would wear it and post to any or all of social media accounts to celebrate!

The icing on the cake is for every t-shirt we sell, a portion of the proceeds go to the adoption of 3 beautiful little girls!  You can't beat that!

But don't hesitate, these are only available for 5 DAYS!!  Purchase NOW!!!  

Welcome The Swobodas to The Promise Love Family!!!

We are SO EXCITED to announce our newest Promise Love family!  Please give a big warm welcome to the Swoboda's!   All adoption stories are different and unique, Cody and Ashley Swoboda are adopting their 3 of their nieces.  You may be wondering, why would it cost to adopt family members?  All adoptions have a range of fees involved, which include court costs, attorney fees, birth certificates, etc etc.   

THE TOTAL goal We are partnering with them to raise which will give these 3 sisters a permanent forever home IS $15,000.
Help them reach their goal by
Donating now

And without further ado, please read their story, straight from Cody and Ashley!  We'll be posting updates on their goal and story so be on the lookout! 

Cody and Ashley with their soon to be daughters!

Cody and Ashley with their soon to be daughters!

"We came to realize the full depth of our longing to adopt these three beautiful girls one night in November 2014.  Cody was standing in the kitchen making dinner (as is characteristic of our little duo since Ashley only knows how to properly make Ramen noodle soup), when all of a sudden he held his face in his hands and began to weep.  Through tears he said, "I just love them so much, Ash... and... I think God's calling me to be their father."  What Cody didn't know is that Ashley had been having a recurring dream for months on-end wherein the two of them welcomed these sweet girls into their forever family.  In that moment, it was clear that God had been uniquely and individually preparing our hearts and minds for something extraordinary.  He was calling us to truly consider adopting our nieces into our family to raise them as our very own daughters.

The road to doing so, however, was clearly laden with seemingly insurmountable obstacles and so we began the process of intentionally seeking the Lord in prayer.  Though we wanted desperately to share our hopes with the decision-makers involved in the girls' lives, time in prayer continually yielded a call to wait on His timing.  And so, we waited.  For months, we waited.  In the season that followed, our relationships with the girls deepened and we began to recognize a strong and indescribable connection with each of them.  And although these seemed like indicators that the Lord was moving and that we ought to be too, we again heard His distinct voice of wisdom urging us to wait on Him.

It wasn't until October 2015 that we finally were granted an open window of opportunity to share our hearts with one of the decision-makers.  And although the response was a resounding, "Thanks but no thanks," we knew that this conversation was the seed that God would use to take root and eventually bear fruit.  The very next day, something extraordinary happened.  Someone in our community of faith, with whom we had little to no interaction at the time, approached us and shared a vision God had given him about us... and friends, it was a vision of adoption.  "God is going to give you children whose childhood has been taken from them and you're going to teach them how to be kids again, you're going to teach them how to play, and you're going to model the love of Christ for them."  These words, these prophetic words, cut straight to the core of us, and we wept like babies.

These girls have experienced more heartache, more disappointment, and more pain than any seven, eight, and fourteen year old should ever know.  And no matter how hard their parents tried, they simply could not provide the kids with a safe and stable living environment.  As a result, they were removed from their home in May 2013.  Although we all waited in hopeful expectation for their mom and dad to complete their case plans, change their lifestyles, and bring their beautiful children home, after three years they have yet to do so.

Friends, there is no denying that God has so masterfully orchestrated the events of our lives in such a way that His redemption can be known intimately by us all.  And this divine union of familial love is so tangibly laced with the grace of God.  We could not be more grateful nor humbled to know that our lives might be granted the honor of speaking for the lives of these beautiful girls.  Will you join us in raising the needed funds for private adoption as we seek to finally give these girls what they desperately need: permanency and stability found in a unified and loving family?  May the Lord bless all that you set your hand to for the glory of His name. " - Cody and Ashley Swobod

The Official Team Pucovsky! #GIVINGTUESDAY

Today we are celebrating #GivingTuesday!  Its a day that people around the country will give back during a time of year where our focus should be on giving to those we love and also those who are in need of help.  

A few weeks ago we posted about The Pucovsky family! They are in need of that help today!  We have ONLY $1890 to raise to complete the adoption of Zaniya, their 14 year old daughter.  In just a few short weeks we have been able to raise $1610.  If today, 38 people gave $50 we would accomplish our goal!  Will you partner with us today? Donate Now!

There is no better day than today to give back to a family who has literally changed the course of a young girls life and given her a forever family after much heartbreak.  And the joy they have brought to her is written all over her face!

We had the honor of spending time with them at their home, at events and now at their adoption finalization of Zaniya.  Check out their story here if you missed it!  I can honestly say, they are a rare kind of family.  They are full of love for each other, for their heavenly Father and for kids in need.  They have willingly and openly opened their home to this beautiful girl and they have BIG plans to help more in the future.  We can't wait to see the rest of their journey!

But first, enjoy some pictures from their adoption finalization that happened last Tuesday.  It was such a blessed and beautiful event to watch!   They had so many friends and family their to support them and The Heart Gallery presented Zaniya with her framed photo, which will now be retired from the gallery. 

Teens often get overlooked or age out of the foster care system, never having a family to call their own.  We pray this may inspire other families to take the risk on adopting a teen.  Everyone deserves a family to call their own!

The Boyer's are officially a Family of 5!!

Both Boyer babies are here and doing great!!!  This family of 3, jumped to a family of 5 in a span of just 2 weeks!  One beautiful little girl, Breeja Ruth was born (via Cricket and Josh's heart) on July 17th and Breydon Daniel (via Cricket's tummy) came just 13 days later!  That's 2 babies, just 13 days apart!   If you have been following their story, you know that Cricket and Josh have overcome many obstacles to bring these 2 precious miracles into their family!   If you haven't read their story, it's a must read!  Check it out here

We are so excited to announce that we are in the FINAL STRETCH of fundraising for this amazing family and need your help to bring these babies home forever before their BIG adoption finalization!

WE ONLY NEED A TOTAL OF $1699.00 and they have met their GOAL!!!  This is so exciting and a blessing from GOD!    

To help the Boyers, you can always donate here on our website or come out to our PDQ event in Wesley Chapel on October 29th from 5-9pm to meet them personally and support their family!  We will have raffles, free face painting for the kids and lots of yummy food and fun!  The best part is you can love on this sweet family and their beautiful babies in which you have had a part in bringing home!  Can't wait to see you there!

Here's what Cricket had to say about their experience and what God has blessed them with!

"We can't express how grateful we were to be there for Breeja's birth. I was even in the delivery room and shared the honor of cutting her umbilical cord. We were able to immediately bond with our gorgeous daughter and feel tremendously blessed to still be a part of her selfless and brave birth moms life.

We are doing really, really well now that we're all finally home as a family of 5 and are just so grateful that Lord has completed our family in this beautiful way. We couldn't be more proud of our sweet babies and we have more love for them than we ever thought possible. Big brother Blaine has really stepped into his role nicely and adores his tiny brother and sister. He is such a nice helper!

Physically, I'm having a slow recovery but my heart is overflowing with joy and it makes the physical difficulties a blur in comparison. We are definitely quite tired and not getting much, if any, sleep. But that's to be expected with two newborns begging for constant cuddles...which we can't get enough of by the way."


Welcome Team Boyer to the Promise Love Family!

We are so excited to announce to you our newest family joining the Promise Love Foundation!  Meet Cricket and Josh Boyer and their adorable 4 year old little guy, Blaine.  You are going to love them just as much as we do;-) This family's story has captured our hearts, and attention.  Our goal is to help them raise $20,000 for their private, domestic, adoption of a little girl due in July.  Help make their dreams come true and DONATE NOW 
or by check to:
Promise Love Foundation 

PO Box 47432 
Tampa, FL 33646
**if donating by credit card there is a small processing fee

Not only are they in process to adopt, Cricket is also pregnant with her 2nd child due just one week after their adoptive child is!  She has had many complications so far in her pregnancy and between the medical expenses and the adoption expenses, they really need our help!  We are itching to tell you the whole story, but we are going to let you hear it straight from them!   Please take a few minutes and let your heart be captured by this incredible little family of 3, that soon will be growing by 4 more little feet!!!

Photo Credit - Melanie Porter

Photo Credit - Melanie Porter

"We are Josh and Cricket Boyer. We fell head over heels in love in high school in 2002 and were inseparable throughout college and ever since. Josh and I share the same passion for striving to be the earthly hands and feet of our Lord through our everyday lives at home, work, in the community, and in our church.

In 2007, after being married only a few short months, I started feeling incredible abdominal pain and underwent subsequent surgeries. We were told at that time that children might not be a possibility for us. We were crushed but knew that if the Lord put the strong desire in our hearts to become parents that He could make it happen. And He did! We were surprised to welcome our precious miracle baby boy, Blaine, into the world in May, 2011. We rejoiced at the Lord’s grace and mercy!

However, I endured some complications during delivery and postpartum. We were devastated to be told by four different infertility specialists that I would not be able to conceive a child again. We went through years of fertility treatments, procedures, emotional heartache, and prayer in attempt to defy the odds to expand our little family of three.

Josh and I have always shared the desire to make a difference in the world by opening up ourselves and our home to adoption. During our emotional infertility roller coaster, we felt the Lord really tugging at our hearts that this was the time to make our lifelong adoption dream a reality. We enrolled in the foster program, in hopes of eventually adopting. We spent a great deal of time and effort attending the classes, preparing to become foster parents. Then miracle #2 happened: we discovered we were pregnant! 

We were more overjoyed than words could express. We had prayed for so many years for a miracle. We even prayed for a baby by name: SAM (acronym for Shadrach, Abednego, and Meshach). In Daniel 1-3, the Lord worked a miracle in the lives of these three young Hebrew slave boys. When threatened with excruciating death in a fiery furnace for refusing to worship an idol, they replied that their god (Jehovah) was able to miraculously deliver them, but even if He chose not to, they still would place their faith in Him. This Bible story was laid heavy on our hearts while fighting the feelings of infertility defeat. To this day, we still call our unborn baby SAM to remind us of the love, faithfulness, and sovereign grace of our Lord in providing the divine miracle of life inside of me.

Shortly after discovering our second miracle pregnancy, we were presented with the beautiful opportunity to adopt an unborn baby girl. Our hearts swelled as we humbly accepted this perfect gift from God with tears streaming down our faces. The Lord orchestrated this most precious baby to arrive only a week before our due date with baby SAM: virtually twins!

But even while our hearts were overwhelmed with joy, my newly-pregnant body was quickly declining. I was diagnosed with a rare and serious complication of pregnancy at week 5, called Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). I was uncontrollably vomiting and losing so much weight that I was forced to cease my part-time work as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, Massage Therapist, and Homeschool Teacher to Blaine. I became very ill because of my inability to keep liquids or solids down and my body became too weak and dehydrated to independently perform basic self-care tasks. My organs began to fail from malnourishment.

I have since been through quite a lot to sustain this precious life inside of me. I received full-time home healthcare for several months, including 24/7 IV treatments and a medicine pump inserted into my abdomen in an attempt to reduce the vomiting. Unfortunately my dehydrated veins would not withstand the IV needles any longer and my condition became increasingly worse by the day. My HG was crippling. I was then hospitalized and underwent the high risk “last resort” procedure of receiving a PICC line. I was immediately put on Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) which provided full medication and nutrition intravenously, similar to what a coma patient receives.

After several weeks of TPN, I began to make small improvements. Sadly, it was short lived. A sudden decline, high fever, disorientation, and convulsions sent me into the intensive care unit for a week. I had gone into septic shock from an unknown virulent systemic infection. We were told baby SAM and I were fortunate to have survived the attack.

Josh has been picking up as many extra shifts in his work as a Law Enforcement Officer to try to compensate for my lost work wages, childcare costs (I have been too ill to care for toddler Blaine), and the many pregnancy-related medical expenses. He has worked himself to the bone and comes home to be Nurse, Husband, Daddy, Errand-runner, Chef, Landscaper Extraordinaire, Chore-Master, and Boo-Boo fixer. He is our family hero in all aspects of the word. 

We are truly humbled as we continue to seek God’s will while preparing our hearts, home, and finances to nurture and raise three children. We look forward to the day of finally holding our precious “twins,” Blaine meeting his two new siblings, and striving everyday to fulfill Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Although everyone may not feel the tug to adopt as the Boyer's do, anyone can be a part of this by giving towards their $20,000 goal!  We, at Promise Love, want to help them reduce the financial burden so they can focus on getting these babies home.   Thank you so much for being willing to open your hearts to them!  All funds raised go directly to the Boyer's adoption fees. Promise Love Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  All donations are tax deductible. 

Help make their dreams come true and
or by check to:
Promise Love Foundation

PO Box 47432 
Tampa, FL 33646
**if donating by credit card there is a small processing fee