Adoption Finalization

An unexpected double blessing...The Gravante Family Story!!

Foster Care Adoptions are near and dear to our heart here at Promise Love.

Our prayer is that one day we will see no more kids waiting for a family but just families waiting for kids.

We know this world will always have broken parts, but we believe the people of God can step up to the bat for these kids and solve the problem of waiting children here in the United States. It’s completely doable!

Today, we want to share a special family whom I have known for years and met through our local church. Carol and Joe have been my neighbors, friends and Carol has been our family babysitter for years now. When I met her, her 3 grown boys were just leaving the nest. Without any children at home anymore but truly loving children and being around them for years, she was venturing out to a new part of her life. During this time, I was in desperate need of a sitter who could watch 4 young kiddos with lots of wisdom and energy! At the time, we had 2 that were adopted from foster care and just needed someone very special who could handle their challenges and behaviors. Carol was so positive and loving with them, it was a God sized fit for our family.

Along the way, Carol and Joe started to pray about adoption…hearing all the stories of waiting children and the need, God started to move in their heart.

At the time, they were hosting male foreign exchange students and felt God clearly speak to them that this was preparation for giving a permanent home to boys who didn’t have one.

They decided to start by mentoring teens first who were in Foster Care with an organization called I Matter Too! Through this process, they met a foster mom who had 2 amazing foster sons Javan and Zander. As they got to know them, they realized that these were their boys….this is what God had been preparing them for! They asked Javan and Zander to be part of their family!

Gravante 1.jpg

Their three biological sons,  grandchildren, and the rest of their family were in full agreement that Javan and Zander were perfect additions.

On March 7, 2019 in the courthouse they became an official part of their family…even though they had been in their hearts for years already! 

Along the way, Carol had some physical challenges from chronic Lyme disease and the physical damage that it caused. She had to make a decision as to whether or not to go through with God’s plan as she knew she was not perfect and didn’t always feel capable. But God always makes a way! 

Carol and Joe love taking the boys to theme parks, festivals and other activities with these two awesome young men. They have always been active and love the outdoors, but when Carols back became to bad to walk or be as active as she once was, a motorized scooter was needed for her. After receiving an anonymous donation, we were able to give back to Carol and Joe by purchasing a motorized scooter just in time for their adoption day!

We were so happy to be able to help in this way. Sometimes its the little things that make the most impact!

Thank you to everyone who supports Promise Love , in prayer, by sharing about us, or by giving! You truly make a difference in our adoption and foster community!

Gravante 3.jpeg

Update and Another BIG suprise for the Long Family!!

      You may remember our Valentine's Day surprise where Carrie and I went to Zack and Evelyn Long's with a BIG check for the remaining balance of their adoption of little miss Stella!  Stella has been doing amazing as a part of their family, and the Long's finalized her adoption just a few weeks ago!  Here's a photo of everyone there to see them officially become a family of 4.

     BUT.....that's not the end of their story!  Just a week or so after this finalization with Stella, they got a call out of the blue, asking if they would be willing to take Stella's 3 year old brother.  After much thought and prayer, they decided to accept placement of Carson just a couple of days ago. This means that Stella and her little brother will get to grow up together as a part of the Long family.  
     As you know, the cost of an adoption is not easy to come up with especially when it's unexpected, so we are asking for you all to walk alongside this amazing family and give as they have given their hearts to these beautiful kids so willingly! 
    They need $5000 to pay for this adoption that will not only keep these siblings together but also change their lives forever.  We are so honored to get to know this sweet forever family and are encouraged by all they are doing to help kids!  Let's get this done, come join us!  DONATE HERE!

Ending 2016 on high note! Congrats to Team C!!

If we are being completely honest, 2016 has been a bit of a rough year for Promise Love and a few of the families we are privilege to walk alongside in their adoption journey. There are so many happy endings we are privileged to be a part of and share with all of you, but there are losses that come with stepping out in faith to bring kids into forever families.  Sometimes, decisions are made we don't understand, cases are dragged on longer than ever anticipated, and children are left waiting once again for their forever family.   We just haven't shared much with you this year, simply because its been tough.  Its hard to put into words the loss families feel when these things don't play out the way we were hoping.  But the reality is it happens. 

However, a new year is upon us and no matter what 2016 has thrown at us, we will not give up on the pursuit of helping families bring kids home!  And as I pray over Promise Love and our direction for 2017, the verse that comes front and center is from Isaiah 40:31!  It says, "But they who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint."    For 2017 our plans are to be renewed by His strength.  We will not grow weary or faint in doing what God has before us because our hope is in HIm! 

So in order to usher in the New Year on wings of Hope, we want to bring you the amazing story of The Calzada family!  This is a story of a family who in their waiting allowed God to renew their strength.  They did not grow weary of following the path God set before them!  This is one that's been in the works for a very long time, but the evidence of God's hand throughout this adoption journey has been so evident.  We have felt beyond blessed to watch these boys come home forever!

Although fundraising may seem like our main focus, its actually not what we do the most of.  Alot of time is spent connecting with families, helping families figure out which adoption path to take and advocating for kids.  Early on, the Calzada's had felt God was calling them to foster care/adoption.  While they were in the process of getting licensed, God was already preparing the right kids for their family.  Promise Love became connected with a family who was a relative caregiver to 2 brothers, Angel, 9 years old and Alonso, 4 years old.  This family was in a tough spot and knew they couldn't provide a forever home for them, but loved them dearly and desperately wanted to see these boys thrive in a forever family.  As the picture of the boys came through, God put on our heart The Calzada family.  Although they weren't completely licensed yet, the striking resemblance of these boys and their family was undeniable and we knew God was up to something.  After praying and talking together, The Calzada's agreed, God was definitely up to something!  

So they began the very long journey to bring these boys home!  I can't even imagine the tireless effort that was put in as they maneuvered all the twists and turns of the state.   But they never gave up on them and their love and acceptance of these boys is beyond measure.  I have seen it first hand and truly they are one of the most inspiring families you will ever meet! On October 18th, 2016 that journey finally ended at the courthouse with the adoption finalization!!  Angel, 12 years old now and Alonso, 7 years old are officially Calzada's, 2 years after their first visit!!  And all the glory goes to God for this amazing story and journey.  And how adorable is this family?!!  




The Official Team Pucovsky! #GIVINGTUESDAY

Today we are celebrating #GivingTuesday!  Its a day that people around the country will give back during a time of year where our focus should be on giving to those we love and also those who are in need of help.  

A few weeks ago we posted about The Pucovsky family! They are in need of that help today!  We have ONLY $1890 to raise to complete the adoption of Zaniya, their 14 year old daughter.  In just a few short weeks we have been able to raise $1610.  If today, 38 people gave $50 we would accomplish our goal!  Will you partner with us today? Donate Now!

There is no better day than today to give back to a family who has literally changed the course of a young girls life and given her a forever family after much heartbreak.  And the joy they have brought to her is written all over her face!

We had the honor of spending time with them at their home, at events and now at their adoption finalization of Zaniya.  Check out their story here if you missed it!  I can honestly say, they are a rare kind of family.  They are full of love for each other, for their heavenly Father and for kids in need.  They have willingly and openly opened their home to this beautiful girl and they have BIG plans to help more in the future.  We can't wait to see the rest of their journey!

But first, enjoy some pictures from their adoption finalization that happened last Tuesday.  It was such a blessed and beautiful event to watch!   They had so many friends and family their to support them and The Heart Gallery presented Zaniya with her framed photo, which will now be retired from the gallery. 

Teens often get overlooked or age out of the foster care system, never having a family to call their own.  We pray this may inspire other families to take the risk on adopting a teen.  Everyone deserves a family to call their own!

The Official Team Boyer

The Boyers are an official family of 5!!  Tuesday was miss Breeja's adoption day!! We were also able to write the final check that met their fundraising goal as well!! Thank you all who have supported them on this journey.  Cricket and Josh, we were truly honored to be a part of it and are so excited for your sweet family!!