Welcome the Slaviks to the Promise Love Family (Emergency and Critical Need)

The Slavik’s at Disney with their 2 biological children before they started fostering.

The Slavik’s at Disney with their 2 biological children before they started fostering.

A few months ago, I was invited to a friends birthday to speak about Promise Love! While I was there, I met another incredible foster mama and human being….Kelly from Foster Florida Pinellas! Besides the fact, that we had a ton in common, I knew God was building a valuable connection for Promise Love to be able to support not only adoptive families, but foster families. I mentioned to her we would love to start helping critical and immediate needs that are larger than just food, clothing and furniture. She said she would be happy to let us know when she knew of a family in this position, that could use some larger support!

Enter Slavik’s…

When I spoke with Aaron (dad)…you could hear the heart and passion for the kids in his home and the kids in care that he was unable to help. It was inspiring that a father has this much heart invested in to these kids!

He explained that him, his wife and their 2 bio children were wanting to desperately take in the 6 year old brother of their little foster daughter who had been in 6 homes in 3 weeks!!! The only thing standing in the way of this was a bigger apartment!!

They had met him and were 100% willing to bring him into their home so the siblings could be together and this sweet little guy could stop bouncing around….but unfortunately, there apartment did not meet the space requirements for licensing to approve it.

So they were reaching out to see how they could fundraise the money to be able to move to a larger apartment! We knew we had to help!

What we need is $6000 to get them first/last months rent and deposit and a few much needed items, such as washer/dryer to get them moved in. We are praying you will partner with us to get this critical need taken care of.

As previous foster parents, we know how taxing this can be on a family and how without support foster parents give up…and that’s not what we want to ever see happen…especially just because of lack of finances. We also don’t ever want a foster family to say no to permanency for a problem that is solvable if they just have some support and involvement from the community!

Get to know them a little below:-)

Will you join us in helping the Slavik’s? Your donation is tax deductible and it ALL goes straight to the family.


Josh and Hannah experienced something recently that was heartbreaking! The kind of thing that makes you question where you went wrong or how did you not see this coming? It makes you stop and question if you should continue on the journey to adoption or maybe this isn’t meant to be. Emotionally it’s hard, but also financially it’s hard too.

Josh and Hannah had saved and fundraised for a long time in the hope’s of becoming parents through adoption, just to have that money lost by someone who was scamming them the whole time. Read firsthand here the blog post Hannah wrote during this time on her personal blog Thistle Harvest and join us in helping re-coupe a portion of what was stolen from them here as we continue our March Madness Basketball inspired fundraiser for the Briggs family.

Hannah and Josh Briggs.jpg

“As many of you may know by now, we heard the heartbreaking news last week

that our adoption match was a scam. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the

email informing us of the FBI investigation, telling us to reach out to some

lawyers that we had never spoken with, to receive more information. We had to

find the hard facts out for ourselves and determine if this birth mom we had

spoken with on the phone was a figment of our imagination.

After some investigation, we were told (and proved it to be true) that our birth

mother and baby were completely fabricated and that a woman was hired to

speak to us on the phone on different occasions to make us feel safe and secure

about the placement. I told this crooked social worker and her accomplice (our

"birth mother") how excited we were to be parents, how I was purchasing things

for our little girl, preparing her nursery, and that I prayed for them every single

day. "Birth mom" even asked me if I was excited to find out that it was a girl and

our gender reveal video was shared with our social worker who seemed

genuinely excited for us.

I know it is difficult for others to understand, but this was the closest we had ever

been to becoming parents. We have been through many fertility treatments but I

haven't ever had the privilege of carrying a baby, even for a short amount of time.

This baby girl was very real to us and had already taken hold of our hearts. We

called her by name and dreamt of what the future held for the three of us.

I will never fully understand why we were chosen to walk this path. Our trust has

been severely broken. There have been times that I have cried so hard that it's

been difficult to breathe. We had to close the nursery door for a few days so that

we would not be reminded of the deep pain we both were feeling.

We have taken some time to grieve our loss and while we are still fighting the

gross injustice, heart-wrenching pain, and breach of trust, we are trying to move

past this nightmare and fulfill our dream of having a family. We won't let this

horrible act discourage us from pursuing our child. God never stopped pursuing

us and we refuse to give up. We want our children to know someday without a

shadow of a doubt that we loved them fiercely and pursued them with everything

we had. Throughout this whole ordeal, I am constantly reminded of the Father's

love for us and how He pursues us and loves us with a perfect love. We are his

children and He will never stop fighting for us.

Our plan now is to fight for justice. To do everything in our power to get our story

out there when we are able to speak out and advocate for adoptive parents, for

birth mothers, and for their unborn babies. No one should ever take advantage of

some of the most vulnerable people in the world and if they do, they should know

that they will pay dearly for their crimes.

We are fighting to try to recover the devastating financial blow that we have been

dealt. We are desperately trying to get our money back so that we can continue to pursue adoption.

We know our baby is out there and at times we have become so discouraged that this circumstance has delayed our journey to find them.

Just the other day, I was speaking with Josh and I was frustrated that we were

going to be delayed in our adoption and didn't know when we would finally be

able to add to our family. I felt like the Lord spoke to both of us in different ways

but revealed the same truth: that His delay wasn't a denial. Nothing catches Him

by surprise. We fully trust in His sovereignty. Everything He places in our lives is

divinely orchestrated by the God of the universe. He makes no mistakes. Even

these unfortunate circumstances and the timing will lead us to the baby that He

has always meant for us to have


We are stepping out by faith and our continuing our adoption journey. Please

pray for us, pray for our baby and birth mother, and pray that God would restore

what evil men have taken. “

Come back for part 2 of this story next week! It’s gonna be a good one!

Come Celebrate the First Official Promise Love Day on 7/22/16!!

Hi Everyone!

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Welcome The Swobodas to The Promise Love Family!!!

We are SO EXCITED to announce our newest Promise Love family!  Please give a big warm welcome to the Swoboda's!   All adoption stories are different and unique, Cody and Ashley Swoboda are adopting their 3 of their nieces.  You may be wondering, why would it cost to adopt family members?  All adoptions have a range of fees involved, which include court costs, attorney fees, birth certificates, etc etc.   

THE TOTAL goal We are partnering with them to raise which will give these 3 sisters a permanent forever home IS $15,000.
Help them reach their goal by
Donating now

And without further ado, please read their story, straight from Cody and Ashley!  We'll be posting updates on their goal and story so be on the lookout! 

Cody and Ashley with their soon to be daughters!

Cody and Ashley with their soon to be daughters!

"We came to realize the full depth of our longing to adopt these three beautiful girls one night in November 2014.  Cody was standing in the kitchen making dinner (as is characteristic of our little duo since Ashley only knows how to properly make Ramen noodle soup), when all of a sudden he held his face in his hands and began to weep.  Through tears he said, "I just love them so much, Ash... and... I think God's calling me to be their father."  What Cody didn't know is that Ashley had been having a recurring dream for months on-end wherein the two of them welcomed these sweet girls into their forever family.  In that moment, it was clear that God had been uniquely and individually preparing our hearts and minds for something extraordinary.  He was calling us to truly consider adopting our nieces into our family to raise them as our very own daughters.

The road to doing so, however, was clearly laden with seemingly insurmountable obstacles and so we began the process of intentionally seeking the Lord in prayer.  Though we wanted desperately to share our hopes with the decision-makers involved in the girls' lives, time in prayer continually yielded a call to wait on His timing.  And so, we waited.  For months, we waited.  In the season that followed, our relationships with the girls deepened and we began to recognize a strong and indescribable connection with each of them.  And although these seemed like indicators that the Lord was moving and that we ought to be too, we again heard His distinct voice of wisdom urging us to wait on Him.

It wasn't until October 2015 that we finally were granted an open window of opportunity to share our hearts with one of the decision-makers.  And although the response was a resounding, "Thanks but no thanks," we knew that this conversation was the seed that God would use to take root and eventually bear fruit.  The very next day, something extraordinary happened.  Someone in our community of faith, with whom we had little to no interaction at the time, approached us and shared a vision God had given him about us... and friends, it was a vision of adoption.  "God is going to give you children whose childhood has been taken from them and you're going to teach them how to be kids again, you're going to teach them how to play, and you're going to model the love of Christ for them."  These words, these prophetic words, cut straight to the core of us, and we wept like babies.

These girls have experienced more heartache, more disappointment, and more pain than any seven, eight, and fourteen year old should ever know.  And no matter how hard their parents tried, they simply could not provide the kids with a safe and stable living environment.  As a result, they were removed from their home in May 2013.  Although we all waited in hopeful expectation for their mom and dad to complete their case plans, change their lifestyles, and bring their beautiful children home, after three years they have yet to do so.

Friends, there is no denying that God has so masterfully orchestrated the events of our lives in such a way that His redemption can be known intimately by us all.  And this divine union of familial love is so tangibly laced with the grace of God.  We could not be more grateful nor humbled to know that our lives might be granted the honor of speaking for the lives of these beautiful girls.  Will you join us in raising the needed funds for private adoption as we seek to finally give these girls what they desperately need: permanency and stability found in a unified and loving family?  May the Lord bless all that you set your hand to for the glory of His name. " - Cody and Ashley Swobod

Our very first event!! Promise Love Fun-Raiser 9.28.14!!!

We are very excited to share with you our very first event!   It's going to be a carnival style event for all ages, kids and adults!  Games, food, prizes, face painting, princess hair & makeup, raffles and a very special surprise guest!!!!  There's no admission and all are welcome!!  Papa Murphy's will be there selling pizza slices and we'll be selling game/food tickets at the door or you can skip the line and we'll have them ready for you at the door by pre-ordering online: 

All funds raised will go towards families in process of adoption and we are also celebrating the adoption of Holly & Saul's daughter and David and my 2 girls!!!!

You can share the event on Facebook HERE!  

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