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Welcome the Slaviks to the Promise Love Family (Emergency and Critical Need)

The Slavik’s at Disney with their 2 biological children before they started fostering.

The Slavik’s at Disney with their 2 biological children before they started fostering.

A few months ago, I was invited to a friends birthday to speak about Promise Love! While I was there, I met another incredible foster mama and human being….Kelly from Foster Florida Pinellas! Besides the fact, that we had a ton in common, I knew God was building a valuable connection for Promise Love to be able to support not only adoptive families, but foster families. I mentioned to her we would love to start helping critical and immediate needs that are larger than just food, clothing and furniture. She said she would be happy to let us know when she knew of a family in this position, that could use some larger support!

Enter Slavik’s…

When I spoke with Aaron (dad)…you could hear the heart and passion for the kids in his home and the kids in care that he was unable to help. It was inspiring that a father has this much heart invested in to these kids!

He explained that him, his wife and their 2 bio children were wanting to desperately take in the 6 year old brother of their little foster daughter who had been in 6 homes in 3 weeks!!! The only thing standing in the way of this was a bigger apartment!!

They had met him and were 100% willing to bring him into their home so the siblings could be together and this sweet little guy could stop bouncing around….but unfortunately, there apartment did not meet the space requirements for licensing to approve it.

So they were reaching out to see how they could fundraise the money to be able to move to a larger apartment! We knew we had to help!

What we need is $6000 to get them first/last months rent and deposit and a few much needed items, such as washer/dryer to get them moved in. We are praying you will partner with us to get this critical need taken care of.

As previous foster parents, we know how taxing this can be on a family and how without support foster parents give up…and that’s not what we want to ever see happen…especially just because of lack of finances. We also don’t ever want a foster family to say no to permanency for a problem that is solvable if they just have some support and involvement from the community!

Get to know them a little below:-)

Will you join us in helping the Slavik’s? Your donation is tax deductible and it ALL goes straight to the family.